A commitment to biodiversity and the local economy

Installation de 40 Ruches au Golf Sainte Baume : Un Engagement pour la Biodiversité et l'Économie Locale

We are delighted to announce the installation of 40 beehives on the Golf Sainte Baume course, an initiative that perpetuates our commitment to biodiversity and the local economy.

In collaboration with a local beekeeper, these hives will contribute to the preservation of bees and the pollination of surrounding plants, thus enriching our ecosystem.

This approach is in line with our desire to promote sustainable practices and support local producers.

The hives are safely installed on the outskirts of hole 11, on a vast, open meadow.

The honey harvested will be available for sale at the golf reception desk, offering golfers and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy an authentic, local product.

We’re proud of this initiative, which combines respect for the environment with support for the local economy, while offering an enriching experience to our members and visitors.