Les actions menées face aux enjeux écologiques au Golf Sainte Baume à Nans Les Pins - protection de la biodiversité

Protecting biodiversity at Golf Sainte Baume

Caring for the environment is a core concern for Golf Sainte Baume. All Resonance Golf Collection golf clubs are mindful of the species living on their courses and constantly strive to protect and foster those species of fauna and flora, some of which are threatened with extinction.

Species protection

Since May 2023, at each teeing area we have installed informative panels on the site’s wealth of biodiversity. The idea is to show that each hole on the course has its own characteristics in terms of fauna and flora.

Over 1,000 different species have been recorded on the Golf Sainte Baume course, from European green woodpeckers to lizards, snakes, and even European rollers, blue birds that live in plane trees and migrate to Africa. It would be a pity for us to know about this wealth of biodiversity and not share it with those who visit the site. That’s why we thought of installing informative panels on such topics as the water lilies, a specific bird species or a protected meadow like the one alongside Hole 3.

Préservation de la biodiversité - Golf Sainte Baume panneau pédagogique 3
Le Golf Sainte Baume mène des actions engagées en faveur de la transition écologique

From the first tee, these panels provide simple yet tangible information on species found along the hole the golfer is about to play. Feedback from golfers has been positive from the start about these panels, which introduce a new discussion angle.

This is a genuine communication tool for subjects we do not often broach with our customers. And the panels also trigger discussions with non-golfers and provide learning opportunities. Over time, the idea is to involve nearby schools and have children and their parents visit the course for a few hours. After that, anything is possible: treasure hunts, biodiversity walks, and even quick tours of the golf course. The concept is to show that our maintenance practices help to protect this wealth of biodiversity at the Sainte Baume golf course.

Because of its orientation and protected geographical setting, this course is home to a wealth of plant life and priceless biodiversity. However, we must always be aware of air movement.

Because everything here grows extremely quickly. So quickly that if we do not maintain a constant watch, some areas can quickly become overgrown and suffocate the turf. That is why we always monitor the presence of sufficient air currents, particularly for the greens.

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